A message to our eight month old…

Eight months old already. Wow. I don’t know where to start with everything that’s happened and how much you’ve changed our lives. It’s been everything – and nothing like we expected.

To be honest, I wish I hadn’t left it so late to write this, I should have kept a better record of your life, marked each milestone and kept track of how much you’ve changed. But, we had a bumpy start and the first few months were difficult, for all of us. Living away from friends and family meant it was just you and me. All day, every day and it was tough.

But we survived, and once we figured each other out, we got through the fog and haze of those first few months with colic, each day got a little easier. We’ve now got a good day time routine, regular naps and we’ve even been brave enough to try a few baby classes, where you’ve met a good group of friends – and mummy has too.


Now you’re no longer just our little baby boy who sleeps (or didn’t in your case) eats, poops and repeats. In the last few weeks you’ve changed more than ever – you can now crawl, pull yourself up to standing, and you’ve already got your first four teeth. What happened to my tiny baby?

In the last month you’ve had your first swimming lesson, airplane flight and been on your first family holiday. You love to travel, in the car, baby carrier and pushchair – and now we can add airplane to that list.

You’ve rolled off the sofa (an accident, I promise), learnt to climb up your cot and you’ve fallen over and picked yourself up lots of times, often without a tear as you’re determined not to be beaten. You’re a brave boy, or maybe that should be fearless?

There’s no doubt though that you’re definitely an Amphlett – you love to flirt with the girls, smile at yourself in the mirror and eat…mostly yogurt, fruit and bread sticks but you’ve also tried lots of new flavours in Mexico, and dragon fruit is one to add to your list of tasty treats!

There have been so many milestones and firsts to mark, too many to mention, so he’s a quick look back at what you’ve been up to. You’ve…

  • been foraging for blackberries and apple with Granny in Devon
  • visited Nana & Grampy on the farm in Shropshire
  • met your Great Nana whose visited from Australia
  • visited Uncle Richard at his tattoo studio
  • had days out with Grandad
  • skyped your cousin Michael several times & screamed at him to play
  • had swimming dates with little Ted and Freya
  • bought flowers for your girlfriend Alba
  • tried lots of new foods and flavours…Grampy’s even let you have some of his chocolate!
  • met little Ted when he was just a few days old – we’re looking forward to watching you two boys grow up together
  • been to lots of different mum and baby groups (and left baby massage early twice because you were a little terror)
  • had lots of play dates with your group of friends, Oliver, Henry, Freya, Alba and Ellie
  • been a guest at two weddings (your first at only 12 days old)
  • celebrated Henry’s Christening
  • had your first night with Granny while mum and dad escaped for dinner
  • and been for day trips to Bath, Exeter and Bristol

You’re growing up too fast, we want to hold on to you as a baby for a little while longer but we’re also so excited to meet the cheeky little toddler we know you will become.

We are so proud of you.

Love mum and dad xx

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