We’re home! Our trip to Mexico 2016

I promised you a lot of lists in my first blog…and I don’t want to disappoint. We’ve just got back from our first family holiday abroad – and we braved a long haul flight to Mexico, crazy right?

To give you some ideas and to help you get started with what to pack for a baby, this is a look back on every that I packed for little N…

  • Travelling – pushchair, baby carrier
  • Clothing – t-shirts, vests, trousers, jumper, shoes & socks
  • Snacks – breadsticks, Organix goodies, Ella’s kitchen pouches, malted milk biscuits, rice cakes
  • Meal times – bowl, spoon & disposable bibs
  • Swimming – Rash vests, sun hat, sun lotion, rubber ring, bath toys, swim nappies
  • Medicines – Neurofen, Calpol, teething gel, face cloth, beach shoes, sunglasses
  • Nappies & wet wipes
  • Washing – baby body wash and sponge
  • Bottles, Milton sterilising fluid, bottle brush, milk powder dispensers, washing up liquid, Aptamil
  • Sleeping – dummies (on clips), comforter, blanket, snoozeshade, ear defenders
  • Toys and books

This is everything that I packed, but to be honest a lot of his clothes stayed in the suitcase so next time we would leave behind…

  • Shorts – little N was either in the pool or in a baby grow, even in the evenings it was too warm for anything more
  • T-shirts – as with the shorts, little N didn’t wear his t-shirts
    Trousers – I packed a few pairs in case it dropped cold in the evenings, but it didn’t and these stayed in the suitcase for the entire holiday
  • Socks and shoes – I would still pack a pair of socks for the flight but he never worn any while we were away
  • Ear defenders – we never used them, little N is able to sleep with background noise and he wouldn’t have kept them on if he wasn’t
  • Face cloth – all hotels have one, I was just being an over cautious mama!

But, there were also a few other items I wish we had taken, that I will definitely be including on our next holiday…

  • Summit pop-up wash basin – I keep looking as these for our camping trips but once we arrived at the hotel and realised the plug in the sink didn’t hold water and there was nothing but a small ice box to sterilise bottles and teats in, I really wish i’d bought one for the holiday
  • Rash vest two piece sets – we were really lucky that a friend lent us a few all-in-one
  •  rash suits but they were a little tricky to get on – cue grizzly baby. We tried everything to convince little N to sit still so we could get them on, but they are designed to be tight, which makes it tricky, so next i’ll make sure we buy the shorts and top sets
  • An extra sun hat – although the sun hat we took was reversible, giving us two options, with only two rash suits as well, all of our pictures look like they were taken on the same two days. It’s not essential, but I wish we had packed a few more so there was a little more variety in our family photos
  • More toys – especially bath toys, which are perfect for the pool. Little N doesn’t have that many toys at home anyway, but a few more to distract him with while sat in the shade would have been ideal.

I think that’s everything – for this list anyway! I hope this helps you mamas, let me know!

H x

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