Take me back to Mexico!

It’s been a week since we landed back at home. Where has the time gone? It’s been a blur of laundry, sleepless nights and yes, more lists. But before the post-holiday blues really set in I wanted to capture one or two of the moments and adventures we had while were away.

Despite the sleepless nights before we set off on our long haul flight (yes, we were that crazy!) and full day of travelling, little N was actually really good. Not a tear or tantrum until landed. Relief. Definitely a #proudmama moment.

As we booked for two weeks, we had hoped to explore Chichen Itza, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, discover Ek Balam and swim with turtles in Akumal Bay, but each adventure included a full day trapped on a coach with no shade for little N. With the recent coach transfer from the airport at the front of our minds, while still trying to adjust to the time difference, we decided against it.

Although we didn’t get to explore as much of Mexico as we wanted, we still had a fantatic first holiday as a family of three…

Playa del Carmen

With our options limited, we jumped at the chance to book a evening tour to Fifth Avenue in the heart of Playa del Carmen, where the city’s nightlife, shopping and dining meet. We had a great night, with a chance to take some holiday snaps, enjoy a cheeky churros (well, when in Mexico right?) and pick up a maccarena for little N and a few other tacky souvenirs too.

Beach life

Our hotel had a private beach, which we escaped to when the entertainment around the pool was too loud for little N – and for us. While little N napped, hubby took the chance to snorkel and when we remembered to sneak an extra bread roll out of the restaurant at lunchtime, we were able to fish the fish that came close to the shore.

Puerto Aventuras Marina

Just a short walk from our hotel was Puerto Aventuras Marina, which included a number of local shops and restaurants as well as Dolphin Discovery, offering the chance to swim with the dolphins in the natural lagoon. Not something on my bucket list and already ticked off hubby’s so we kept both feet firmly on the walkways designed for above water observation only. Perfect.


We had read a number of bad reviews online about the buffet food offered at the hotel, so we didn’t arrive with high expectations. Fortunately, we were upgraded to a premium package when we arrived, which gave us the chance to explore the a la carte restaurants, and avoid the buffet. Ironically, the Mexican restaurant was a disappointment, and we didn’t eat much that night. However, the Tapas, Japanese, Steak and Italian were one of the highlights of the holiday. If only little N had slept through one or two meals!

Holiday highlight

For me the highlight of the hoilday was watching the boys become the best of friends. Although it only feels a few weeks since little N arrived, it’s actually been months since hubby had paternity leave and more than a weekend, or a few days at home with us both. But even then, with life getting in the way, we haven’t really had much time together, just the three of us.

When little N wasn’t napping, the boys were quick to splash about and giggle in the pool together. Although bath time has always been ‘boys only’ at home, there is still so much day-to-day that hubby doesn’t get to see, the little expressions, determination to learn and excitement at discovering something new. Being away, just the three of us, without the distractions of home, friends, family and play dates, meant the boys got a lot of quality time together. Perfect. Definitely proud #fatherandson moments.

We had a fantastic time in Mexico, which was over too soon, but we will return when little N is big enough to explore some of the ancient temples, monuments and plazas.

If you’ve got any questions or comments please leave them below.


H x

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