There’s just never enough time…

When I launched my blog I’d hoped to post regularly, well maybe not regularly, but at least once a week – that seems manageable right? But I’m just a few weeks in and I’ve already failed.

I’ve got several posts bouncing around my head, ideas drafted on my laptop and notes scribbled on my phone, but I’m struggling to find the time to write them all up, to make sense of the ideas and thoughts and to put together a sensible, well written post to share with you all.

Right now I’m drafting this on my phone (until I started blogging I never used the notes app, now I can’t be without it) with a poorly, teething baby asleep on me. Not that I’m complaining, I love the chance to sneak a few cuddles with little N as he’s usually too busy crawling away to have the time to stop even for just a quick cuddle.

So, although in the back of my mind I’m panicking that it’s been another week and still no posts on my blog (which may never take off at this rate) I’m enjoying a cheeky cuddle and chance to relax with little N.

I’ve missed these moments, he’s grown up too fast and he’s already a stubborn, independent little boy who won’t stop fidgeting, wiggling or crawling so I can take a non-blurry photo and capture the moment.

When I decided to launch a blog I wanted it to be my personal journey through motherhood, a journal to capture those small, precious moments watching little N grow up. Maybe in the future it could become something more, a chance to make an income, work with different brands and inspire others etc, but for now, it’s for me. So I’m taking the opportunity to finally capture a moment…

Right now, this moment, with little N asleep and snoring like an old man is one of those simple, mother and son moments that I want to remember. We might have been up all night, but it’s all forgotten now. I should put him upstairs in his cot for nap time as usual, so I can get on with my ‘to do’ list, and get busy with my blog but I don’t want to. I don’t have to.

It’s rare that I stop and watch him sleep, or to have the chance for sleepy cuddles now he’s older and in a routine. It seems so long ago that we spent most of our day cuddled on the sofa either feeding, winding or just watching him nap, while I catch my breath and try to believe that I’m actually doing this…I’m a mama. It’s terrifying, but also the best job in the world!

Those days seem such a long time ago, I miss having the excuse to just stop and watch him sleep on me. He’s no longer a newborn, but I really miss those days. So, I’m making the most of this opportunity to take everything in – his long eyelashes, tiny hands, kissable lips and cheeks, because it might be a while before we get another moment to stop and catch up like this.

I love you, my perfect little N.

H x

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