First night alone…things can only get better right?


Where to start. It’s been weeks since I’ve had any time to stop and finally write down all the posts that have been dancing around inside my head. I had big plans to do a series of Christmas themed posts, new traditions to start as a family of three, gift ideas, New Year’s resolutions and so on. But it didn’t happen, so now I’m sat here desperately trying to figure out where it all went wrong and where to start again. If I should start again.

Things have been more than a little chaotic for the last few weeks, I was lucky enough to get a new freelance contract, so I’m officially back at work. We registered little N for nursery, which is time consuming and stressful. Then there was Christmas, but I’m going to quickly skip over that disaster, and now, as of this afternoon Mr A has left for the next month and I’m faced with the daunting task of being a single parent! Argh.


It’s nearly the end of our first night and I’m sat here in shock, surrounded by the chaos of our afternoon and first night without Mr A to lend a hand. There’s building bricks scattered across the floor, every book off the bookshelf on the floor and several plates of different dinner choices, that were all rejected in turn, piled up in the kitchen.

It’s crazy. But as well as the chaos of the front room, I burnt the dinner (which might explain why option one was rejected), set the fire alarm off several times and feel like I’ve chased little N around all evening to stop him from closing his fingers in the living room door, opening the kitchen cupboards and attempting to go outside – because I had to leave the kitchen door open to let out the smell!

It gets worse. My dinner went cold (note to self, eat once he’s asleep from now on) as little N decided that was the perfect time to stop running back and forth to the kitchen and throw up his bottle of milk (which is all he would take after refusing the burnt fish fingers and back up options). After a quick clean up, he ate my cold dinner, all after trampling back and forth over Poppy, who’s been sat at the front door in a mood waiting for Mr A to come home. Argh.

Right now though little N is asleep, the housework is up-to-date, the smell of burnt fish fingers is slowly disappearing (that’s why Mr A is in charge of cooking!) and I’m ignoring the washing up until tomorrow. It’s time to relax, pour the first of many glasses of wine that will help me through the next month, and enjoy the peace and quiet before we tackle our first weekend alone together…no baby groups, play dates or family to visit, it could be a long, long few days!

Oh and although I have no clue where Mr A is right now, somewhere between here and Austria, or possibly France, he’s away with the RAF Snowboarding team, not off to war again. So unless he does anything stupid and wreckless attempting a crazy backflip, spin, twist thingy-ma-jig move, he should be fine. I’m not worried.

For little N and I though, we’re looking forward to lots of baby groups, play dates and his first day at nursery. I might have a lot more to juggle for the next few weeks, with Mr A away and family too far away to help day-to-day, but I’m also determined to make more time to focus on my blog and figure out if it’s really got a future.

I’m also determined to break little N’s bad sleeping habits.

Famous last words.

H x

7 thoughts on “First night alone…things can only get better right?

  1. Crabstix says:

    My friend’s hubby is in the army and he is away skiing with them, leaving her at home with the kids aged 4 and 7 months on her own. She already looks after them both Mon-Fri on her own as he was posted away 10 months ago. I was just saying to her today that she is a very understanding wife and then I read this! You’re a very understanding wife too! I have been wondering why my partner wants to use annual leave to go off to India on a trekking holiday with his friends rather than go on holiday with us, it must be a man thing!

    Liked by 1 person

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