Twenty wishes for 2017…

OK it’s a little cliche, but I really can’t believe that it’s 2017 already. In fact it’s already the end of the first week and I’m still struggling to figure out where 2016 went and how I’m just weeks away from having a one year old?!?

I’ve definitely failed on any New Year’s resolutions that I might have set myself, if I had found the time to think about it – chocolate, wine and caffeine have all been consumed, so that just leaves my 20 wishes for 2017…


My five family wishes…

  1. Mr A’s military career defines our family, where we live, when we move and when we’re apart – but we wouldn’t have it any other way. This year, I want Mr A to get promoted and start the next challenge in his career and next chapter in our lives
  2. I want us to spend more quality time together on the weekends. Life tends to get in the way of real quality time together as a family and before we know it the weekend is over. I want us to have more adventures and focus more on making memories as a family
  3. Watching Mr A and little N become the best of friends over the last few months has been amazing. They’re finally finding their feet with each other and watching them read, play chase and splash about at bath time together melts my heart. Every day Mr A is becoming the hands on Dad I always knew he would be and I hope in 2017 they continue to get closer and have more ‘boys only’ time together
  4. That little N settles at nursery. I know it’s going to take some adjustment, mostly for me, but I hope it helps him to continue his development and gain even more confidence
  5. And finally, that all of my family are happy and healthy.

My five personal wishes…

  1. That I find the time to read more. I miss reading. Apart from our holiday last year, I’ve not found the time to pick up a book and get lost in the pages since little N arrived
  2. To make more time for me to relax, unwind and reset my batteries, even if that means skipping some of the housework and neglecting my blog
  3. To ditch my mama uniform on weekends and make more effort. Luckily I’ve never been high maintenance and Mr A has never said anything as I’m dashing out the house with wet hair tied up and no make up on. But for me, I want to take the time to add lippy and focus on me
  4. To find the right balance of being a mama, wife, blogger and working part time. I’ve recently started a freelance short term contract, which has made me realised how much I’ve missed working, but I don’t want to focus on one aspect of my life too much, while neglecting others
  5. That Mr A and I find time to reconnect and put our marriage first. It’s not easy being new parents, and 2016 definitely put our relationship through some of the toughest challenges and worst days. We need to set rules about technology free nights, switch off from the world and focus on us.

My five blog wishes…

  1. To get more organised and plan a regular schedule, finish draft posts and make more time to promote them across social media
  2. That I get to grips with SEO and DA and how to improve my rankings to give me the opportunity to work with brands, even if I’m not quite ready to take that step yet
  3. To figure out all the different elements of blogging including StumbleUpon, Pinterest and Bloglovin to maximise every opportunity
  4. That I continue to build new friendships with other bloggers and I’d love to arrange to meet up with any that are local too
  5. To take part in Twitter chats more regularly and take advantage of linkys

My five hopes and wishes for the year…

  1. That Mr and I have a due date for the next mini Amphlett by the end of the year
  2. That we are able to take little N camping. We usually book a few weekends away every year, but with little N being so small and everything that we would need to pack – and squeeze into our car, we didn’t feel brave enough last year
  3. That Mr A and I can spend more quality time together. It’s not been easy since little N arrived, especially as we have no family or close friends nearby to help with babysitting, but when family do visit, I want us to spend some time together, just the two of us – and even reintroduce date night once in a while
  4. To spend more time with our friends. We’re usually organised with booking dates in the calendar to see family, but we struggle to keep up with all of our friends and I want that to change
  5. To find the time to keep reading as many of your posts as possible!

I’m nominating…

I’m going to be a little different as I’ve left this very late to get organised and tag five others to take on the challenge. So, I’m also going to tag a few of my favourite bloggers who have helped, inspired or given me some useful top tips on getting started in this mad world of blogging.

Thanks Ayse at Arepops for the nomination. I now nominate…

These are some other great bloggers to check out..

H x



3 thoughts on “Twenty wishes for 2017…

  1. twolittlemisters says:

    Hi Hannah, just wanted to come and wish you luck with all your hopes and wishes for the year! It must be so hard being a military wife and not always having a someone to take over the parenting at the end of long day. I hope your blog brings you a bit of a support network, even if it is from a distance! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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