Question for little N? #littleonetag

Little N & I have been nominated by Faye at Glossy Tots to answer some questions about being 11 months old for the #littleonetag


OK, so little N can’t answer these questions for himself, but if he could I’m (almost) certain his answers would match mine…

  1. What’s the best thing about being 11 months old?
    I can pee, poop & sleep whenever I want & I never have to be the designated driver!
  2. What makes you laugh?
    Peek-a-boo and playing chase with my Dad!
  3. Who do you love & why?
    My Mama, because she always takes care of me & even when I’ve thrown up on her, kept her awake all night & refused to eat something she’s just made me for dinner, she still loves me heaps & heaps. I also love my Dad because he likes all the same things I do (sometimes mama says she has two babies!) and he lets me watch cartoons!
    My Granny is super good at reading stories, so I love her lots too. She never says no when I get another book or ask her to read the same one five times in a row. She’s the best.
  4. What’s your favourite book?
    ‘When the Dragons Came’ by Lynne Moore & Naomi Kefford
  5. What’s your favourite food?
    Yogurt & bananas
  6. Favourite song?
    ‘I like to move it’ – Madagascar theme song
  7. Favourite outfit?
    I love my zebra jumper – but really anything except socks, I prefer to take those off
  8. Favourite TV programme?
    Dragons: Riders of Berk
  9. Favourite toy?
    Too many to think of just one, my wooden bricks, pegs, coasters, the TV remote…but if I have something in each hand, I’m happy.
  10. Favourite thing to do?
    Read books!

I’m now nominating…

Pop over to The Secret Life of the Baby to check out the original post and rules.

One thought on “Question for little N? #littleonetag

  1. Baby Anon says:

    Ah so nice to meet you. You sound like a very lovely baby ๐Ÿ™‚ I too love playing peek a boo with Father. That song from Madagascar is so cool. Your mum sounds lovely, even after you’ve thrown up on her or kept her awake. I will have to check that book out, I haven’t had that one yet (Mother seems to keep on renewing the same old library books again and again..!) And I’m just like you – I have to have a toy in each hand too ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks for taking part in the #littleonetag

    Liked by 1 person

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