Planning little N’s first birthday…

With little N’s first birthday less than a week away, I’ve spent a lot of time searching Pinterest and asking other bloggers for their ideas and suggestions.

To be honest, I hadn’t expected the level of detail, extravagance and expense some of the celebrations and ideas were – I’m not sure I put as much time and planning into our wedding day as some super organised mamas have done for their little ones! We hadn’t thought about hiring a venue, entertainment or ordering a professionally made cake, let alone formal invitations, party bags and decorations with a theme running through.

Some of the ideas were amazing, if a little overwhelming and more adventurous than we were thinking, but there were also a few suggestions that we’ve added to our plans.

I’d toyed with the idea of a professional cake smash photo shoot, a little unoriginal, but I regret not booking a bump to baby or newborn photo shoot when little N arrived as the cost was hard to justify and I’ve hesitated booking now. But Lyndsey at Me, Him, the Dog and a Baby recommended her at home idea which is perfect and we’ve decided to try this ourselves instead. It might be a disaster, but I’m sure we will have lots of fun getting messy and making memories as a family. I’m also certain that Poppy will be happy to help clear up the crumbs!

We have thought about a small party with close friends and family to celebrate, but little N’s first Christmas became about everyone else, so we’ve agreed that little N’s first birthday will just be for the three of us.

So, weather dependent, we’re hoping to visit Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm in Wraxall, Bristol as it’s not too far from us, and it seems fitting with little N’s name!

We’ve never been, so if you’ve got any tips or suggestions please shout below.

Even if we’re not able to make it for one reason or another, we’re determined that the day will be all about little N, a chance for Mr A and I to make memories and take lots of family photos for the scrapbook, even if it’s just at our local soft play centre.

We’ve always said that it’s more important for friends and family to spend time with little N, rather than spending money on him, so we were both overwhelmed and a little uncomfortable with how much he received at Christmas, even neighbours and colleagues sent gifts, which we really weren’t expecting.

As a gift, we’ve asked friends and family to include something personal for a time capsule / memories box for him to open when he’s older as he has so many books and toys already, and this will be something he can hold on to. We’ve kept the suggestions vague, and sent the following request…

We would like to do something special, and put together a time capsule from his friends and family, for him to open when he’s older.

We’d really love it if everyone could send a little something to include, rather than buying or sending any gifts, as he did extremely well for new toys at Christmas. Instead we’d like you to send a short letter, picture, poem or something similar. It sounds a little vague, but we’d like you to share something that’s important to you, be it a memory, anecdote or hopes for his future. It can be something about your childhood, your family, a memory of Mr A or I growing up, advice for him, things you’ve learnt, or tell him something about you that he wouldn’t know or find out about growing up.

It can be as personal or as vague as you would like. It doesn’t have to be a letter or card though, an old photo, fable, limerick, poem or song that’s important, it’s entirely up to you.

We’ve not actually decided when he will open the letters and cards etc, I think that’s something we will decide when he’s older but I often regret not asking my grandparents to share more stories and there is a lot about my parents childhoods and life before children that I don’t know, so I’m hoping this will be a little step in the right direction for little N to know his friends and family better.

I’d love to know what you organised or you’re planning to do for your little one on their first birthday…

H x


6 thoughts on “Planning little N’s first birthday…

  1. bringinguptheberneys says:

    Isn’t it scary how quick their first birthday comes around?? We’ve just celebrated Williams first.
    We had a low-key family gathering at our house, family popped in and left as and when they liked, and we made burgers and nibbles for them 🙂
    We didn’t get him much because like Little N, William did very well at Christmas for toys! So we asked for clothes – but he did get a ball pit which he LOVES.
    I absolutely love the idea of a time capsule though, what a wonderful present to hand over when he’s older! – I thought about that but I know I’d misplace or lose it haha! – I hope he has a fantastic day when it comes! Becky x

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  2. evenangelsfall89 says:

    What a lovely idea to commemorate their first birthday! I don’t think you need to go all out for the first one, they won’t actually remember it. I love it when they get to an age where they truly understand and can appreciate the Party! x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Something About Baby says:

    Ah I loved planning Alfie’s first birthday! I used Pinterest for inspiration but adapted them to something simple and easy. We also did a diy cake smash and it was so much fun, I think much better than a professional shoot. Hope you have fun whatever you do!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. aliceyoung8 says:

    A first birthday is so exciting, we had a big garden party for Amelia’s and I went a bit OTT with baking and decorating eek! A little party sounds perfect and a zoo trip on the day. To be honest it’s more for you anyway as they won’t remember. I love the idea of the time capsule!

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