January: our month without Mr A…

Little N,

It’s already February, which means we’ve finally made it to the end of our month without Dada and we’ve survived, just.

The last few weeks haven’t exactly gone to plan, Mama started off determined to set a new routine, break your bad sleeping habits and I even dreamt that you would finally be sleeping through the night. No such luck.

Although I started our month of adventure with a positive ‘we can do this’ attitude, I hadn’t expected us to both be so poorly. First your cough turned into croup, then we both got colds, and now you’ve got conjunctivitis and Mama is suffering with man flu. Not a good combination – we’ve not slept, we’ve been running on empty and some days Mama has really struggled.

It’s been a tough few weeks, but despite feeling poorly you’ve still been better than I could have hoped for and I’ve still loved every day with you, especially our quiet afternoons snuggled on the sofa with your stories.

Although we’ve had to cancel a few plans along the way, we’ve still been busy with visitors and our usual baby groups and play dates, but sadly they’ve been tainted by our colds, coughs and sneezes.

OK, it’s not been as successful as I had hoped, we’ve had to call Granddad in to help with some of the blue jobs – we’ve got new shelves up, the kitchen cupboards finally have baby locks on and he’s found other jobs that needed a screwdriver for that I didn’t even know were on the list of things to get sorted! But I have remembered to take the bins out each week – although I think we definitely still need Dada as head chef, Mama’s diet of wine, chocolate and satsumas isn’t sustainable!

We’ve been lucky, Granny has been to visit, Granddad has dashed up after a desperate call in tears from me – and he even took the night shift with you so I could sleep.Bliss. Mama’s friends Fae, Colleen and Alison have all been to visit and happily sat and read book after book to you, which has kept you smiling.

This month, you also started nursery two mornings a week, and although you’ve been too poorly to stay on some days, it’s given Mama the chance to get a little organised and catch her breath.

You have been so good little N, even when I’ve been running on empty, you still know how to make me laugh and smile. I’m super proud of you and although I’m counting down the hours until it’s the three of us again, so Dada can help look after us both, I’m a little sad that our mother son month is over and it won’t be just the two of us anymore. Especially as I’ve just realised I didn’t take enough pictures of the two of us together…

I promise, once Dada’s home we will have more adventures and make up for our quiet weekends while he was away.

Love you always little N,

Mama x

Although it’s been harder than I had expected, at some point in the future Mr A will be away for six months and I will have to survive,  I will have to make it work. This month was an opportunity for me to figure out what we would need to have organised, planned and prepared before he leaves next time.

Fingers crossed we won’t have to wave Mr A off again for a long time, although military life is never that predictable, and next time, we might not be so close to my family to rescue us. But, I do know that as hard as it will be, we will be just fine. We’ve been able to juggle play dates, baby groups, supermarket shopping, doctor appointments and most importantly, dog walks. And with a well stocked wine shelf, I can survive anything!

H x

14 thoughts on “January: our month without Mr A…

  1. Everything Mummy says:

    Oh love sounds like you’ve had it rough, being ill is never nice let alone when you have a poorly baby to look after at the same time! It’s great that you have people around to help out though, hopefully it will be a long time until he goes off again.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Charlotte says:

    Fingers crossed that you don’t get the 6 Months deployment for a while because it doesn’t sound fun at all. I am dreading it is so amazing that you have such a good support network around you because we all need it


    Liked by 1 person

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