Little N’s first birthday

Last month we celebrated little N’s first birthday, and although it was only a few weeks ago, it already feels like a distant memory. The last few weeks have been a blur, little N has been really poorly and I’ve not had time to stop and capture the memories from his birthday, until now.

I spent a lot of time thinking and planning little N’s first birthday and how we would mark the milestone, but despite all the ideas and suggestions from friends and other bloggers, we agreed that we would keep it simple, that a day out as a family of three would be enough to mark this milestone.

And I’m so pleased that we did.

For our adventure day out, we chose Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm in Wraxall, Bristol as it’s not too far from us and it seemed fitting with little N’s name. I’ll write a full review of Noah’s Ark Farm Zoo at some stage in the future, but for now I just want to share some of the highlights of our day…

After our early walk with Poppy at Corsham Park, we had a quiet morning enjoying breakfast with a few cards and presents before setting off, with our picnic packed, to explore the zoo and meet some of the animals that little N regularly meets in his favourite books – Geoffrey the Giraffe and Monty the Lion got huge smiles!

We visited the week before February half term, so there were very few visitors at the zoo, which meant that we didn’t have to wait patiently for people to step aside to see in to the enclosures, the indoor soft play area wasn’t over crowded and we found somewhere to sit in the food barn without having to wait.

It was freezing though, with a few showers throughout the day – the down side to a baby born in February, it does limit the options for outdoor celebrations, unless you’re prepared to get a little cold and wet!

Rather than writing about our adventures and all the animals that we saw, I thought I would just share a few pictures…

Although it was a long day, little N was really well behaved. We timed our travelling with nap times so he could sleep in the car, and we stopped off on the way to pick up a new LittleLife backpack. This was a lot easier than taking the pushchair and being up higher, he could see more.

Once we got home, we were all too tired for the at-home cake smash photo shoot we had planned, after opening the last of his cards and presents, we all spent an hour playing with his new toys and little N enjoyed a cheeky chocolate cupcake for pudding….


Although he wasn’t too impressed when we took it away…

It was the perfect, quiet family day that we desperately wanted.

As little N isn’t going to remember, the day was really a chance for Mr A and I to make memories and take lots of family photos, including some of me and little N, which is perfect as I desperately want to capture more mother and son moments, as I’ve missed so many already.

Little N did have a few presents from us, but we had asked friends and family to contribute to a time capsule for him to open when he’s older. We made this decision at the last minute, so I left it a little late to ask friends and family to help with letters and cards to include in time for his birthday. But there have already been a few unique items sent – my brother and sister-in-law in Australia wrote their message on a boomerang!

My letter to little N wasn’t as original, but I decided to include a look back at our first year as well as life lessons I want to teach him as he grows up.

We kept our request to friends and family very vague, so I’m excited to see what else he receives…

We did eventually get around to the at-home cake smash photo shoot as we had planned – we filled the bath ready to clean him off, shut the dog in the kitchen, laid a double sheet on the floor, to avoid cake being walked into the carpet, and little N was just in a nappy and baby grow…

But despite all of our planning, we hadn’t considered that little N wouldn’t want to make a mess or eat the cake, no matter how much encouragement we gave him…just proves you should never work with animals or children!

H x



12 thoughts on “Little N’s first birthday

  1. thelittlestdarlingsblog says:

    That looks like such a lovely day! We took Lucas to the zoo for his 1st birthday too. We’re off to the zoo for my birthday on Wednesday too! Happy birthday Little N!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. emilyandindiana says:

    Awww what a lovely day you had, even thought he won’t remember it, he’ll definite appreciate the photos and memories when he’s bigger! Haha the cake smash bit made me laugh – definitely don’t work with babies! xx

    Liked by 1 person

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