Our weekend…Bath half marathon

I’ve got more than a few half finished posts that I should be focusing on right now. Finding the time and motivation has been so hard the last few months – little N has had one illness after another, I’ve struggled with a cough and cold and Mr A has been away when we’ve needed him the most. As a result, my plan to get organised and publish more regularly has definitely gone out of the window!

But, I set out to capture the moments we share as a family, to document our life so I can look back and reminisce in the future, when it’s all a distant memory. So, despite all the half finished posts cluttering up my draft folder, this weekend was more important to remember…

Don’t get too excited, there was nothing special, significant or remarkable about the weekend, but looking back now I’m reminded how lucky I am to have my boys.

Friday night was my first night off since little N arrived and my first night out here since we moved to Wiltshire in June 2015 – crazy right?

As we’re a military family, we move when and where we’re told – it’s never our choice, we just have to make the most of it. In June 2015 I was already pregnant with little N, I left my career in London (and maternity pay) to start again here…but with friends and family in Devon, it’s taken a long time to establish a new group of friends, and even longer for us all to book a night out that works for all of us. In fact it’s taken that long to find a date that worked, two of the group are already pregnant again!

To say I was long overdue, desperately in need, and counting down the days until I could put my heels on and enjoy a few cheeky cocktails with the girls would be an understatement…until Friday. By Friday afternoon I had a sickness bug that left me feeling very fragile, shaky and definitely not up for a night of drinking and fancy food.

Mr A was all ready for his night in charge of little N, he’d promised to take the night shift, and early morning Saturday too so I could recover from my girls night out. Neither of us had expected to spend Friday night together, but luckily for me, Mr A was determined that I would still get my night off.

While I was feeling rubbish, Mr A and little N splashed about at bath time, read stories and little N was a real super star, only waking once in the night. Phew.


Saturday wasn’t very eventful, still feeling a little blurgh, we headed out to Bristol car shopping. With plans for another few pairs of tiny feet in the next few years, and big plans to take little N camping this summer, we’ve realised our car just isn’t going to be big enough…especially as Poppy takes up the entire boot!

Despite a few tantrums from little N on Saturday, Mr A took the lions share and left me relax on the sofa in the afternoon while he sorted laundry, entertained little N and generally kept us all ticking over.

We try to limit the time we spend on weekends running errands, catching up on chores or dashing out to the supermarket. In an ideal world, I’d have more time to get everything done during the week so our weekends could be just for family time, but it doesn’t often happen so it’s very rare that we get two clear days to enjoy together, without life getting in the way. Luckily for us, Mr A finishes early on Friday (the perks of military life) we get a little more time together than most.


After our ‘practical’ day on Saturday, Sunday was our day of adventure (although a little unconventional this week, as Mr A was booked to run a half marathon and little N and I were tagging along as the support team) and we took little N on his first ever train journey! It wasn’t a long journey, just one stop to Bath, originally to avoid the traffic and nightmare of trying to find a parking space, but it turned out to be the best decision we made….little N loved it!


With the pushchair in tow, and only one stop to travel, we were happy to stand in the corridor and let others take the empty seats. In fact, it was perfect, as little N held his hands out of the window the entire journey and heading home, we couldn’t get him out of the pushchair fast enough, he was so desperate to escape and reach the window again!

Bath itself was jammed, we’ve braved the crowds at Christmas, but this was on another level and definitely not ideal with a pushchair. It was overwhelming, difficult to get through the crowds and I’m not that familiar with Bath to know the sneaky short cuts or alternative routes to get around the road closures, slow moving spectators or to even find the finish line!

Little N didn’t make it any easier, after we left Mr A to take his place at the start line, he screamed for nearly 30 minutes because he was tired and didn’t want to be in the pushchair. It’s very rare that we use the pushchair, we’ve always been big fans of our baby wraps, slings and carriers, but after a few hours I would have struggled, especially with the baby bag of snacks and wet wipes to carry too.

It was the worst 30 minutes of my weekend and I realised very quickly how cruel and quick to judge other people are. I felt like the worst mama in the world, yes my baby was crying and thrashing about, but I refused to stop walking, determined that the motion of the pushchair would eventually send him to sleep. And it did. He gave in and slept for over two hours, but that didn’t stop the glares, looks of horror from other people (including other mamas) who looked at me with an expression of ‘do you know your baby is crying?’, ‘aren’t you going to do something?’, ‘how can you not hear him?’ ‘oh look, she’s just ignoring him and letting him scream’. It was awful, and surrounded by crowds I had no where to escape…


Fast forward to the end of the race, and I was more than a little relieved to see Mr A finish. Although Mr A might have run the half marathon, I definitely clocked up the miles walking around Bath trying to keep little N asleep, avoiding other spectators and trying to find the finish line before Mr A crossed it.


Luckily, when we finally found Mr A again, we headed to the nearest pub for a well deserved drink before heading home!


Our train adventure was definitely the highlight of the weekend, and Mr A made it that little bit easier for me when feeling so rubbish…despite a few tantrums from little N, whose decided to hit the terrible twos a year early, we had a really good weekend together.


Definitely worth ignoring all the other unfinished posts for!

H x

8 thoughts on “Our weekend…Bath half marathon

  1. Mums That Slay says:

    Wow congratulations to your husband. What an achievement and a lovely day that was, especially for your little one. Mine love train journeys too and it takes the load off me having to drive too. win win! Yvadney x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. toastycritic says:

    Sorry you had such a rough go of it. I can understand trying to calm a baby down and having people look at you as if you are torturing the child or you are indifferent to your child’s well being. I’m sure going to the pub after must have been a relief.

    Liked by 1 person

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