Mother’s Day 2017…

It’s been a few weeks since Mothering Sunday, and it’s taken me this long to get around to finally writing up our adventures! I’m usually very organised, I have lists for everything we need to remember, errands that need running and we have a weekly meal plan to make things easier, but I still find that time runs away from me most weeks and as a result my blog schedule suffers.

But, I’m determined that this will be my online journal, and it doesn’t matter to me when memories are captured, as long as they’re not lost or forgotten, so better late than never…

This year marked my second Mother’s Day as little N’s mama. It might not seem as important to those of you who have just marked their first Mother’s Day, and I would agree that’s a milestone to remember, but last year, little N was just a few weeks old, suffering from colic and combined with baby brain, the terrifying and overwhelming feelings of anxiety, fear, sleep deprivation and all the other highs and lows of adapting to life with a newborn, Mother’s Day was a blur, and to say we were unprepared for it, would be an understatement.


Mr A is usually exceptional when it comes to special occasions, he never fails to surprise me and somehow, even if he has to make a last minute dash out, or a frantic online order with next day delivery, he always ‘pulls it it of the bag’.

Last year was a little different though, a few weeks before Mother’s Day, we had some difficult news about a relative of Mr A’s. From that point on our focus changed, there were weeks of uncertainty, regular phone calls, and hospital visits for Mr A. With little N only three weeks old, we stayed out of the way at home and kept our fingers crossed for good news.

Fast forward a year, and with everyone in the family well, Mr A home, and not dashing back the night before, too tired to even know what day of the week it was, we were able to spend the weekend together as a family of three (plus Poppy) and my second Mother’s Day was definitely worth waiting for!


With the clocks going forwards the night before, and little N’s usual wake up at 5am, I wasn’t expecting a lie in or breakfast in bed, and he didn’t disappoint. After an early start, we headed out to our local town for breakfast at ‘Mother and Wild’ – Mr A thought it was a fitting name for Mothering Sunday, and I agree!

Breakfast was delicious, although I hadn’t expected to share so much of my banana and maple syrup pancakes with little N, so maybe next time I will order enough for two! We then made a picnic and headed out to Bradford-on-Avon to walk along the canal and enjoy a countryside walk in the sunshine.


With little N comfortably on Mr A’s shoulders and Poppy having a brilliant time exploring, we hadn’t realised how far we had gone until it was time to head home.


We stopped along the canal for our picnic, a flask of coffee and attempted to take a few family selfies to mark the day – never an easy prospect with the three of us, as usually only one of us looking at the camera at any one time!


With little N asleep in the car, we took the opportunity to make a few errand stops, before heading home to play in the park just outside our front door. It’s a little tired, run down and desperately needs a lick of paint or upgrade to some of the facilities, but that’s military housing stock for you!  But, despite the miserable look of the swings etc. little N had a great time, and run of the place all to himself. We also let Poppy in so she could have a go on the swings and roundabout – although she definitely preferred the sticks she found!

We then snuggled in to watch a movie, a chance to catch our breath and relax before bath and bedtime, and despite the clocks changing, little N went down without any fuss or bother – and for the first time ever, he slept through the night!

The best Mother’s Day present ever!


Speaking of presents, I was super spoilt with gifts this year and little N even drew me a picture with his new crayons, although I think Mr A regretted that part of the plan as all little N wanted to do was put them back in the box, instead of scribbling on the paper – definitely my boy!

Fingers crossed with only a few months until Father’s Day, little N saves his pocket money for a card, and we can come up with a plan to surprise Mr A – although I think we better make a start on a picture for him now!

How was your Mother’s Day this year?

H x

5 thoughts on “Mother’s Day 2017…

  1. Devon Mama says:

    Ahh what a lovely way to spend the day. It’s so easy to walk too far and forget you’ve got to make it home as well, we’re forever doing that!!! Still, atleast it’s a good way to burn off the pancakes, you’ll definitely need to order more next time! x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Isabella says:

    Awww your mothers day this year seemed so nice! Thank you for sharing. I love the pics as well. What beautiful weather too for Mothering Sunday. As a mom of 3 kids, I can only say, each year it gets easier as you don’t have to worry too much of little ones routine, and before you know it he will be making you breakfats in bed! X

    Liked by 1 person

  3. toastycritic says:

    Those are gorgeous flowers and cute pictures. Glad you got the gift of being able to rest. I think that’s so important. Hope Father’s Day is just as successful.

    Liked by 1 person

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